3 Extremely Beneficial Pilates Band Exercise – Try These Easily At Home

pilates band exercise

Challenge yourself for these pilates band exercise and get amazing results. You will be able to strengthen and tone your muscles even more. Pilates band exercise can provide many serious benefits. This full-body workout can provide you stability in challenging postures. You need to get extra power in your legs, upper body, abdominals, arms, and glutes to enhance your practice. Ensure that you are implementing the beneficial pilates band exercise in your routine. You can intensify your exercises in multiple ways. The Meglio pilates band is an extremely comfortable, flexible, and easily portable tool. You will not feel its weight but you will indeed feel the impact on your body. Grab your pilate brand and do these excellent pilates band exercise.

Follow These Amazing Pilates Band Exercise

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Straight Leg Lift Move

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Take a mat and lie down with your legs straight and be on your right side. You should put your hand underneath to support your head. Take the pilates band and place it around your left foot’s arch. Then, grab both ends of the band with your left hand. Now it is time to extend your left leg out. For more stability, you can bring your left hand to the floor. Engage your core and point your toes. With power and control bring your left leg up. After repeating this exercise ten times, you can take the band to the left side.

Leg Circle Move

Your starting position will be the same in all the pilates band exercises. You just have to lie down with your legs being straight on the mat. Loop the band around your right foot’s arch. Anchor it to the ground after grabbing its ends with the help of your left hand. Always remember that you are not overarching in your lower back. Engage your core and point your toes by extending your right leg. Bring your like forward, down, and up, and try drawing a big circle with the help of your right toes. Move your legs by keeping your hips steady. Switch to the left side after repeating this exercise.

Overhead Move And Squat

Stand straight and gently bend your knees by keeping your spine straight. With each hand grab both the ends of your pilate band. Have a squat position, bend your knees, keep your spine straight, and bring your buttock back. Also, bring your extended arms forward just like your back’s extension. Come back to the starting position and then bring your arms again back to the front. Repeat this pilates band exercise for ten times.


Pilates band exercise are indeed extremely beneficial for your physical health. You can try these very 3 amazing exercises at home you just need to have a pilates band.

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