A Great 30 Minute Pilates Workout

30 Min Pilates Workout

Have you ever considered doing a 30 Min Pilates workout? If not, then you should really consider doing it. This is a workout that will improve your posture, strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your posture, improve your flexibility and tone your body.

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Consists Of Five Movements

The 30 Min Pilates workout consists of five movements, which are: A seated stretch, a lying stretch, a standing stretch and a seated shoulder stretch. This is an excellent form of stretching that improves your posture.

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Understanding The Movements

The first movement, a sitting, stretches your muscles, especially your spine. It also helps to strengthen the back and chest muscles. When you lie down to stretch, use your abdominal muscles to support your back. Once you get comfortable, you can then move onto the next movement, a lying.

The second movement, the lying stretch, uses your abdominal muscles in order to bring your pelvis into an arch. The movement strengthens the lats and lumbar muscles. As you lie down, use your lower back to help support your pelvis.

The third movement, the standing stretch, stretches all of your muscles, including the quads and hip flexors, which are located on your legs. Your abdominals help support your legs as well. By strengthening your muscles, you can prevent your legs from sagging, which could lead to a shorter leg span.

The fourth movement, the seated shoulder stretch, is very similar to the standing shoulder stretch. In this motion, you sit with your hands behind your head. Then, bring your elbows to the side and bring your head toward your legs. In order to strengthen the glutes, you can also gently pull your knees up towards your chest as you do this stretch.

The fifth movement, the seated shoulder, does not require much effort at all. You simply need to sit down with your hands behind your head and then bring your shoulders toward your chest. With each contraction, bring your shoulder toward your chest and keep them there for three times.

Try Pilates With Chair

If you find that you have trouble sitting still while doing the Pilates, then you may want to try using a chair. However, do not use the back of a chair, as the chair could cause you to slump and make you more comfortable while doing the exercise. You will also be less likely to slip and fall while performing the exercise if you use a chair.

The other option is to use a mat to perform the Pilates. A mat, although somewhat flat, allows you to stretch both your ankles and your lower back while working on your core. This gives you the stability you need to perform the movement properly.

Last Words

If you want to do this workout regularly, you may want to find a Pilates DVD that gives you detailed instructions and provides instructions on how to perform the movement properly. Also, it is best to find a workout routine that combines both stretching and strengthening exercises, in order to maximize your results.

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