A Look Into The World Of Pilates Reformer Workout Videos

pilates reformer workout videos

A Look Into The World Of Pilates Reformer Workout Videos

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Health is wealth is a fact that is accepted by all. Although there is consensus about the fact that health is wealth, each one of us faces doubts on how to maintain good health in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In the daily stress of life and busy life schedule, most of us tend to neglect our health and well-being due to lack of time which gives rise to different physical and mental ailments. But one of the easiest solutions to cope with this problem is to opt for reformer Pilates which is not at all time-consuming and also ensures the holistic wellbeing of an individual.

What Is Pilates?

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Pilates is a type of exercise just like yoga which aims at increasing the core strength of an individual that leads to general fitness and overall wellbeing of the individual. It aims at correcting one’s balance, posture and helps in gaining body and muscle flexibility. It is not at all strenuous hence the risk of injury is negligible. Thus, people of all age groups can easily opt for Pilates without any fear of facing injuries to ensure overall wellbeing. One of the benefits of opting for Pilates is that it not only ensures physical wellbeing but aims at mental wellbeing too as it emphasizes the mind-body connection and increasing awareness of one’s body movements.

History Of Pilates

The word Pilates has been named after its founder Joseph Pilates who was a carpenter as well as a gymnast by profession. Joseph Pilates was from Germany. Initially, Pilates was invented as an exercise to cure injured dancers and injured soldiers. But due to its wide range of benefits and easy nature, it became popular among the masses too.

Benefits Of Doing Pilates

It helps in reducing back pain as it aims at maintaining good posture

Helps in reducing body weight

Helps in keeping muscles toned

Increase the flexibility of the body and improves balancing ability

Helps in reducing mental stress significantly

Helps in maintaining holistic wellbeing

How Can One Start Doing Reformer Pilates?

It is recommended that before starting to do Pilates one must consult a doctor if they have any serious health issues. Also, pregnant women or people suffering from arthritis or any kind of injury must consult their physician for extra precaution before starting on their reformer Pilates workout.

The most recommended way to start doing reformer Pilates is to do so under the guidance of a proper and authentic Pilates instructor who can guide those new in the world of reformer Pilates in a proper way. But if one is unable to dedicate the required time to enrol themselves under an instructor, then one can easily do Pilates by watching Pilates reformer workout videos online.


Thus, we have discussed here the benefits of reformer Pilates and how one can easily opt for this under the supervision of a proper instructor or by watching Pilates reformer workout videos online to ensure overall wellbeing.

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