An Easy Pilates Workout For Your Home Gym

total gym pilates workout

The Total Gym Pilates workout is considered one of the more interesting variations of the exercise program introduced by Joseph Pilates over 100 years ago. The aim of this type of exercise program was to create an individualized exercise regime for each of the body’s muscles. There are many different versions and variations of this total gym exercise, which have all been designed to target a specific muscle group in a more effective way than with the traditional exercises that were done in the early days. These exercises are still used by a number of fitness professionals and people of all ages, although they are not as popular as they once were. If you are looking for a fun and challenging way of working out that will make your heart beat harder and your muscles feel stronger, then you should consider getting on a Pilates machine.

Different Types Of Pilates Machines

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There are basically two different types of Pilates machines that you can use for Pilates exercise programs. The first is the Pilate ring, which is basically just a reformer that you use to do the movements of the other machines. You simply place your hands around the ring and pull your arms back as far as they will go, which will work out your biceps, triceps and forearms. As the ring moves, you will be using your other hand to guide the ring back to a straight position, so that all of your muscles get a decent workout.

Another kind of Pilates exercise machine that you can get for your Pilates total gym workout is the Pilate chair. This is similar to the ring, but this time you are seated in a reclined position on the Pilate chair, rather than pulling back on the metal ring. Using this type of Pilates machine, you will also be able to do some breathing techniques while you work out. This is a good thing, because some people do not like breathing while they are working out, especially if they are using the typical bikes, treadmills or elliptical machines.

Have Someone There To Help You

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When you’re exercising with Pilates, it’s always best to have someone there to help you, because some of the more advanced exercises can be very difficult for you to do alone. If you do decide to use the Pilate chairs, you will also want to have a map handy to sit on, or at least some pillows on the floor so that you can sit down if you need to. It’s important for you to be comfortable when exercising, and if you don’t have someone to help you, it can be almost impossible to stay on the right positions, especially at the beginning.

Exercises That You Might Find Difficult

There are some exercises that you might find difficult, such as the plate and board exercises. These are very hard to perform on your own, and are great to use if you have some strong Pilates muscles, but aren’t quite ready for something like the total gym workouts yet. If you do feel up to the plate and board exercises, then you can always start with them one at a time and work up to doing both together. The plates are easy to move, and once you get the hang of it, they are usually very enjoyable to do. The only real disadvantage to this is that you can’t do them while lying down, which can limit your workout to times when you’re not in a comfortable position.

Last Words

There are many other ways that you can incorporate your Pilates exercise routines into your total gym workout. However, if you find that you don’t have time to spend on each muscle group individually, then this may not be a total gym workout for you. Overall, though, this is a great way to get a workout that will keep your muscles toned and energized while you watch your diet. It doesn’t require as much specialized equipment as other types of exercises, and you can work most of your muscles without leaving your house. As long as you find an effective Pilates DVD, you should be able to easily incorporate this type of workout into your usual routine.

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