Best Chair Pilates Workouts

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As the name suggests, chair pilates workout is done with a pilates chair. This chair provides the chance to strengthen your core by performing various exercises sitting on the chair only. Although it may seem that you are sitting and working on your core only, actually the whole body is involved. The abdominal muscles are worked upon and this lengthens your spine and lifts your trunk out of the hips. 

A pilates chair is a piece of equipment with a spring. It can be used to do more advanced exercises. Here are some effective chair pilates workouts.

Seated Double Leg Pumps

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You need to sit on the center of the chair and place both feet on the foot pedal. Ensure that your heels are together and your toes are slightly apart. Focus on your alignment and form. Next, pump the pedal up and down 10 times. If you want to increase the effort in this workout, keep your heels lifted to engage your hamstrings.

Double Leg Pumps – Parallel

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This workout requires you to place your heels and feet flexed on the foot pedal of the Pilates chair. Your legs should be parallel. Then, sit upright and pump from your core. Next, pump the pedal up and down at least 10 times. In this workout, keeping the legs parallel will strengthen your inner thighs. Do not let your feet rock while moving.

Double Leg Pumps – Wide

In this workout, you need to place your heels towards the edge of your pilates chair’s foot pedal. Keep your legs and feet turned out. Pump the pedal down and up at least 10 times. Before you leave the footwork in this exercise, you need to go back to the pilates V position and then do single leg pumping.

Standing Single Leg Pumps – Front

In this workout, you need to stand in front of your pilates chair facing the pedal. Then you need to place the right foot metatarsals on the pedal and cross your arms in front of you. Extend your arms as shown below. Again push the pedal 10 times and then repeat the same with the other foot. 

Single Leg Pumps with Crossover

Get to the right side of the Pilates chair and face the side of the chair. Stand on the right foot and then cross the left leg over. Keep your full foot along your pedal. Your standing leg should be  in line with the edge of the pedal. Maintain your balance and then pump the pedal with your cross-over leg at least 10 times. Walk around to the other side and repeat the same with the opposite leg.

Single Leg Pumps – Back Rounded

In this chair pilates workout, you need to move to the back of the pilates chair and face the front of the chair. Your thighs should only skim the edge of the seat. Place your right leg over the chair and then put your heel on the pedal. This movement should keep your feet flexed. Round your back next and pull up from your abdominals and core such that your spine is supported. Next, place your hands on either side of the chair seat. Now push the pedals 10 times, and repeat with the other foot.

These are some of the amazing chair pilates workouts that are very effective.

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