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You may design various workouts with resistance bands or cables using the elastic qualities of bands to create resistance. They are lightweight, easy to use, cheap and convenient to carry. You can develop routines that prioritize muscle gain or calorie burning, depending on how you use them. Bands of resistance misused can cause injuries. Resistance bands enable you to do a wide range of exercises aimed at specific muscle areas. You may perform various activities with these bands using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight machines. The tighter you wrap them, the more strength you develop in a workout. 

This allows you to utilize a set of bands for different movements because, for every exercise, you can use different levels of resistance. If you have only a pair of 10 lb. dumbbells, use 10 lb. of resistance for each exercise. Weights and machines limit your motion, but resistance bands allow you to move up, down, sideways, and at angles simulating athletic actions. You may make muscle-building exercises, aerobic workouts, and muscular endurance programs with resistance bands. Tight wrapping of the bars and slow repetition helps to create muscle. You are reducing your resistance approximately midway, and repeating exercises at high speed assists in developing muscle endurance routines. Using little resistance, you produce aerobic exercises and continue to work without tiredness..

Prices And Materials

The quality of the material of the resistance band is so good that it is heavy resistance and durable and also long lasting. The price of the product is $17.19 – $18.31.

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  • Department Name – Unisex
  • Function – Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Application – Pedal Exerciser
  • Model Number – 002
  • The Origin of – China
  • Rally Classification – Pedal Rally
  • Item – 002
  • Application Scenarios – Fitness Equipment, Sports
  • Product Categories – Rally
  • Specifications – Set
  • Weight – 0.3kg
  • Material – TPE
  • Color – Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red


• Anywhere you can train.

• Low cost investment 

• Unique weight resistance that you can’t acquire

• Joint Friendly

• Resistance band Training can train all components of fitness and performance 

Trains the body to function as a complete unit through training, not muscular actions.

• Creativity and diversity is infinite

• NO Excuse Training 

• Core stability and joint mobility in each movement

• Bands offer resistance to any actions including multi joint and muscular activities such as running, jumping, walking and crawling.

• Progress and regressions can be applied immediately

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  • Band resistance is not the best resistance to offset the effects of gravity

• Could shatter bands

• Hard to quantify and measure gains

• Difficult to reflect on the progress of training

• A lot of muscular mass difficult to build


Resistance band training trains your body to look, feel and move better by stimulating your body to train. It is apparent that such training benefits cannot be duplicated by free weight training alone. However, by eliminating exclusive properties and mixing elastic flat band resistance with free-weight resistance, you supply the body with just what it needs for improved performance, fitness and function.

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