Can You Differentiate Between Yoga And Pilates?

Can you differentiate between yoga and Pilates?

Lifestyle changes, poor diets, disturbed sleeping patterns and unhealthy habits and stress kill the well-being of your body; these when combine together deteriorate your mental and physical health to the T. If you are not a gym person but want to become mentally and physically fit yoga and Pilates are two great options available to you.

Both require moderate efforts. However, choosing one of them to pursue further can be tricky. To make the best choice, you must understand both these terms.

What Is Yoga?

Can You Differentiate Between Yoga And Pilates?

Yoga is a traditional discipline that helps maintaining mental and physical well-being. It is an amalgamation of different techniques which targets the over-all health of a person. Spirituality holds utmost importance in yoga. It involves exercises like meditation, stretching, breathing techniques, and movement control practices to name a few. 

Yoga is widely used to rejuvenate the body. It is perhaps the best stress buster. Having a stressful day at work? Meditate for half an hour in the evening and you are sorted.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a set of disciplines that focus on muscle health. The aim of Pilates is to strengthen the core muscles and tone up the body.

Pilates learners are agile, flexible and have impeccable balancing capabilities. Pilates also focuses on spirituality.

Both yoga and Pilates seem immensely similar on the outside. However, there are some major differences between both the disciplines.

Can you differentiate between both of them?

If not, don’t worry. You’re at the right place and it’s time to clear the air.

Difference between yoga and Pilates 

Target Areas

While yoga impacts on overall health of a person, Pilates largely focus or solely focuses on the muscular health of the practitioner. Lean, strong and long muscles are a result of regular Pilates training.


There are thousands of equipments and machines used in Pilates workout. From small and basic machines such as Pilates rings to heavy equipments like reformers and chairs are used in Pilates training. On the other hand, in yoga you barely need any props. A mat will work if you’re doing yoga.


The history of development of yoga is very rich. Yoga came in existence around 5000 years ago. Pilates is comparatively a newer concept. Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates 80 years ago. While, pilates is a westernized concept, yoga is indigenous.


Can You Differentiate Between Yoga And Pilates?
Can You Differentiate Between Yoga And Pilates?

Doing yoga religiously can prevent you from incurring fatal diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Yoga can heal broken muscles as well as broken soul. It is an effective anti-depressant too.

Pilates strengthens the powerhouse of the body, ensures spine health and stabilizes muscles. It can heal small injuries and wounds too.

Breathing Pattern

Yoga and pilates instructors teach two different patterns of breathing. The former one advocates inhaling and exhaling through nose only, while the later professes techniques that involve inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth.

The Bottom Line

It is interesting to see some stark differences between yoga and pilates. It is pretty difficult to point differences between the two if you’re new to both of these disciplines. Nevertheless, both are beneficial in varied ways and will help you in staying fit and healthy.

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