Clinical Pilates: A Solution To Low Back Pain

Clinical Pilates: A Solution To Low Back Pain

Clinical Pilates consists, before any exercise, of an individualized. And a specific assessment by a Physical Therapist.

To begin with, in this evaluation, the professional observes the clinical needs of the student or patient. Then, identifying any conditions, limitations, medical recommendations, outlining. The specific objectives to perform the method.

Thus, the assessment guarantees professional complete knowledge. About the particularities of each student. Based on the assessment, the small, medium and long term exercise program will be set up individually. As well as the frequency of classes or sessions held per week.

Along with the evaluation is conducted the experimental class so that the student or patient. Experience the main objective of the method, putting them into practice in basic exercises.

Clinical Pilates Exercises In Low Back Pain

Clinical Pilates has been a strong tool in combating spinal pain such as low back pain.

Because it is an activity that constitutes techniques that work deep muscle strengthening (multifidus and transverse abdomen), responsible for the stabilization and protection of the spine, as well as flexibility, posture, body awareness, balance, tone, and breathing.

Clinical Pilates Benefits List

Clinical Pilates has been proven to be practiced regularly, without compensation and with proper progression, offering numerous benefits such as:

  • Prevention and rehabilitation of body biomechanics through global and ergonomic movements.
  • Development of balance, harmony, and economy in gestures, postures, and execution of movements.
  • Rehabilitation of the stabilizing muscles of the lumbar and cervical region.
  • Relief of joint and muscle pain.
  • Postural correction.
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Acceleration of post-injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Also, gives an improvement of all functional capacity and execution of activities of daily living.
  • Improvement of general health and well-being.

Fitness Mat Acupressure Massager Mat

You can use this fitness mat for your exercise. This mat is easy to use, and you can use it while you do your yoga poses at home.

Clinical Pilates: A Solution To Low Back Pain
Clinical Pilates: A Solution To Low Back Pain


  • It will massage your body, and you will feel relax after that.
  • Also, it targets all your acupuncture points that will be essential to keep your blood vessels clear.
  • With the use of this acupressure massager mat, you can massage at home.

Yoga Block Set

If you are new to yoga then you might find some poses difficult and uncomfortable. However, Yoga Block Set can help you to accomplish and do the poses successfully and comfortably. It may not look like much but this can be a lifesaver for a yoga novice.

Use a yoga block to rest your hands on a stable surface if you are having trouble reaching the floor when doing poses that require stretching like a forward fold or a triangle pose.

Clinical Pilates: A Solution To Low Back Pain
Clinical Pilates: A Solution To Low Back Pain


  • Yoga Block Set Helps to accomplish and do the poses comfortably
  • It is Made from studio standard with high-density foam
  • Also, it has beveled edges for comfort
  • The package includes one yoga block, a yoga strap belt and a pair of yoga socks
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