Core Pilates Workout Benefits

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There are many benefits of the core Pilates workout. Pilates involves intense focus and precision to teach you how to maintain your center while you move the rest of the body around. Not only is this core Pilates exercise excellent for toning up your midsection, it also protects the spine from injury and also teaches your body to move efficiently through everyday activities without getting injured.

About Core Pilates Workout

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Pilates is an ancient form of fitness that originated in Germany in the early 1900’s. The core exercise focuses on the use of your hips to support and stabilize your whole body. Your entire core is targeted including the legs, back, abdomen, pelvis, lumbar area and shoulders. Core Pilates is very good at developing strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

In order to get the most benefit from the core Pilates, you need to learn how to do the exercise properly. Pilates is a highly individualized workout so be sure you find a Pilates teacher who can work with you and your unique needs. You will want to make sure you have enough time to practice before trying to do it at home or on a treadmill. Pilates is very strenuous, so be sure to warm up first to prevent any injuries. A few minutes of gentle stretching and warming up will be sufficient for beginners.

Benefits Of Core Pilates Workout

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Helps In Proper Blood Flowing

One of the benefits of a core Pilates workout is the use of music to get the blood flowing. With the core movement of the exercise, you will be using your entire core muscles and this is why you want to be sure you are comfortable with the music. For the most part, music should be soft and relaxing. You want to be able to listen to the music and concentrate on your breathing while you are doing the exercises.

Build Abdominal Muscles

When you are doing core Pilates, it will help to use your abdominal muscles. You should be using them to support your entire core during the exercises. You should make sure you are breathing naturally as well during these exercises. If you are not comfortable with your breathing or cannot breathe deeply, you may want to use a yoga pose as a way to deepen your breathing and focus your concentration on the activity you are doing. If you are a beginner, it may take some practice before you feel comfortable with breathing deeply and using the muscles in your abdominal area.


Another benefit of the core Pilates workout is the use of breathwork. If you are practicing any of the core exercises you will find yourself being more relaxed as you use your breath to expand the tissues and muscles of your chest and abdomen, your diaphragm and your lungs. This will help you maintain proper breathing, especially during deep breathing as you are holding positions in Pilates.


This will help your upper and lower body to be flexible and improve coordination. As you continue to do core Pilates, you will develop better posture and your posture will become more natural and comfortable. Your spine is also strong, which can help to support your neck, head, shoulders and your lower back. Because of the fact that your core muscles are being used throughout your entire body, you will be more coordinated and have better balance and less pain when you stand, sit, and walk.

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