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How Is Water Aerobics A Good Alternative To Pilates?

How Is Water Aerobics A Good Alternative To Pilates?

Undoubtedly, there are many different kinds of workout methods, such as Pilates, other than water aerobics, available in society, followed by various people. These people do follow these workouts for their varied reasons. While some people do for weight reduction, and some other people do for achieving a thin and slim posture.

Firstly, let us briefly outline the sense of water aerobics. Then, find out the reasons why people prefer this workout than the other methods. And, finally, look into the various advantages and disadvantages of the water aerobics.

Water aerobics, for many good reasons, is the best workout available, as they provide the individual with physical fitness along with a sense of recreation. Hence, most of the people prefer doing water aerobics, instead of the other workouts like Pilates.

Another primary reason for preferring this method is that for the elderly this method avoids putting much pressure on the joints. Hence, most of the elderly with sufficient resources prefer this workout method for their physical fitness.

How Is Water Aerobics A Good Alternative To Pilates?
How Is Water Aerobics A Good Alternative To Pilates?

To put briefly, this is a workout session wherein, the individuals perform their moves in the water or a swimming pool and alongside plays a piece of music providing the performers with a sense of fun and recreation.

While the individuals are in the water or swimming pool, the instructor stands on the deck and exhibits them the moves that they should perform. Another important aspect of this workout is that in deep water aerobics the individuals need to use special floatation belts for gaining stability and resilience.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Aerobics

Less Impact on Joints

Since this work-out involves lesser impact on joints, the process works well particularly for people with Arthritis and people with other mobility problems. Moreover, this process is apt for people with overweight, as it involves low impact on joints. All these advantages are not so entertained in other workout methods, such as Pilates.

The disadvantage in this process is that it does very little in strengthening the bones. And also in leaning the muscle mass in an efficient manner. However, some water aerobics involve using weights, which contribute to strengthening the bones of the upper body.

Water is a motivation

Since the water contributes more in keeping the body cool, the individual can work-out more and experience little fatigue. And this acts as an advantage particularly for the people with overweight, as their moves cause excess heat. Henceforth, for the people with overweight can perform a much higher number of work-out, thanks to the cooling provided by water.

How Is Water Aerobics A Good Alternative To Pilates?
How Is Water Aerobics A Good Alternative To Pilates?

Helps in losing weight

Undoubtedly, any workout method helps in losing weight. And with this workout, many experts in the physical fitness opine that it contributes more to losing weight than any other workout methods. And this has been stated as a fact by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Now you understood the many advantages and disadvantages involved in this workout. So, do not worry anymore about your overweight or any other physical fitness problems. As you have the best work-out option available waiting for you to resolve your physical fitness problems. Hence, approach now your nearest water aerobics instructor and follow their instructions to attain the perfect body shape.

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