Everything About Post Natal Pilates Exercise You Need To Learn!

Everything about Post Natal Pilates Exercise!!

Exercise after labor is very complicated for the tissues and the internal organs predominantly if the mother had tough labor. A high number of mothers are believed to get a lot of weight before their pregnancy. Thus, it is essential to stabilize the body and loos the additional gained weight. In order to lose weight and stabilize the body, many Mothers try a different variety of exercise. One of the most effective and popular exercising forms is Post-Natal Pilates. Post-Natal Pilates not only helps in easing the back into exercising gently but correspondingly also develops the Mothers inner core muscles.

Post-Natal Pilates particularly deals with the issues raised during pregnancy and labor. Particularly targets the Mothers weakened and the stretched abdominal muscles also called the pelvic floor. Not only these but Post-Natal Pilates have many advantages but also has disadvantage correspondingly.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Post-Natal Pilates

Everything About Post Natal Pilates Exercise You Need To Learn!!
Everything About Post Natal Pilates Exercise You Need To Learn!!


Improves The Diastasis Rectus (DR)

Almost 55% of Mothers are believed to experience diastasis rectus (DR) during pregnancy and labor. Diastasis rectus (DR) is the potential separation of the rectus abdominus along the abdominal area of the Mother. With the help of these exercises, Mothers can avoid issues such as back pain or the Sciatica. It underlines the concentrated abdominal muscles and correspondingly transverse abdominus that helps in stabilizing the lumbar spine as well as to overcome the back issues.  

Improves Pelvic Floor Muscles

The most important part and aim of the Pilates exercises is to improve the pelvic floor muscles. Due to performing exercises, the Mothers learns to reconnect the pelvic muscles in order to enhance the Posture, inner core strength and to gain stability.     



Though Post-Natal Pilates is the most effective exercise but correspondingly it also has some disadvantages. Overheating is one of the main disadvantages of Pilates. Due to the potential participation in the vigorous exercise in the high-temperature areas causes overheating of the body. Correspondingly the overheating challenges the maternal thermoregulation.

10-Minute Effective Post-Natal Pilates Exercise Plan

In order to overcome the post-pregnancy issue here is the perfect 10-minute effective exercise plan that will surely help you.

Follow This Exercise Plan In Order To Gain Maximum Outcome.

Everything About Post Natal Pilates Exercise You Need To Learn!!
Everything About Post Natal Pilates Exercise You Need To Learn!!

⦁ Powerhouse Plank

Time: 2 minutes
Procedure: lay down on a mat tilt the pelvis & squeeze the inner thighs together such that the legs will form a V- shape eventually.

⦁ Parallel Stand In Post Natal Pilates

Time: 2 minutes
Procedure: Place a ball between your thighs then lift your heels and squeeze the ball with full energy with hands placed on your waist

⦁ Attitude

Time: 2 minutes
Procedure: Lift the alternate leg parallel to the ground and make a 45-degree angle parallel to grown and hold the position for 2-minutes.

⦁ Knee Dance

Time: 2 minutes
Procedure: Kneel down on the mat and raise your arms with straightening the back and squeeze the abdominals and hold the position for 2-minutes.

⦁ C Curl

Time: 2 minutes
Procedure: Sit on the mat bend the knees and then grab your thighs with your hand making a C shape and squeeze the abdominal tightly.


If you are worried regarding the extra weight that you have put on during your pregnancy and are tired searching for various exercises to overcome the post-pregnancy issues on the internet. Then don’t worry this Pilates is the best and recommended exercise for you that will help you achieve your desired goals.

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