Lose Weight With 30 Minute Pilates Workout

30 minute pilates workout

Pilates is one of the latest and most-loved forms of fitness. It is a low-impact physical fitness style that requires excellent coordination between the muscles of your entire body. It helps you lose considerable weight faster and helps to gain a perfect and excellent posture. If you think it will require a great deal of time and a lot of equipment, you are wrong. Pilates can be done without any equipment, and a 30 minute pilates workout is enough to gain a great and fit body quickly. Here in this article, we have tried to list the best possible 30 minute pilates workout that will significantly impact your whole body.

Requirements For A 30 Minute Pilates Workout

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As we said above, a 30 minutes pilate workout wouldn’t require any equipment other than a mat. Yes, you only need a mat and 30 minutes out of the 24 hours of your whole day to get your body in the right shape and posture. Let’s look at a complete 30 minute pilates workout schedule to get you started.

30 Minute Pilates Workout For Complete Body

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1. Squat: Begin your 30 minute pilates workout with squats. Exhale while you go down, and inhale while you come up. Make sure that your spine is straight during the whole process. The pressure will fall on the thighs.

2. Squat Hold: When you go down while doing the squat, hold on to the position for a few seconds. Then slowly go further down, or come up.

3. Heel Raises: Stand straight and raise slowly on your tiptoes. While you submit your tiptoes, make sure that your whole body is in perfect alignment and your shoulders are away from your ears.

4. Lunges: Take the left foot forward and Right foot behind at a considerable distance. Now lower your right knee so that your left foot raises in the front. Repeat the lunges with the right foot forward.

5. Plank: Lie down on the mat on your stomach. Raise your body on your tiptoes and knees. Your shoulders need to be away from ears, and your belly should pull in. Hold on for a while and repeat.

Go on with the Hover, Leg+ arm extension, Bridge lift, Toe taps, Pilates sit-ups, and end your 30 minutes pilate workout with leg stretch up.


A 30 minutes pilate workout is a great way to get your body in shape all along with building strength. You don’t require costly equipment or gym memberships to exercise pilates. It is a low cost and low impact form with excellent results. However, it requires you to be dedicated and regular with the 30 minutes pilate workout regularly. Try doing the complete workout cycle as mentioned-above in the article for the best results. When you can gain a great body, lose that extra fat, and get the right posture at absolutely no cost, then why not?

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