Pilates Ab Exercises – The Duo Pilates Method Will Be the Best Ab Workout For You

pilates ab exercises

Ever since female students began to take Pilates classes, there have been fluctuations in the amount of male students in the class. Male students have also reported getting a better workout with Pilates when compared to other exercises. If you are new to Pilates or haven’t taken a class in the past, you may be curious as to why Pilates and abs specifically are added to Pilates training. And why are Pilates and abs exercises so important?

Pilates Ab Exercises

Well, for one thing, you need to have strong abdominals in order to properly execute Pilates and get the most benefit out of that type of exercise. Since pilates ab exercises are designed to build strong core muscles, and strong abdominals are essential for core strength, it only makes sense that Pilates ab workouts are perfect additions to any overall workout. You can do other types of exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, and others, but if you don’t have strong abdominal muscles, your movements will be less efficient. The whole point of doing Pilates is to improve your overall body fitness. This is much more effective than doing a bunch of aerobics or other forms of exercise that don’t really work that hard, but don’t really target the right muscles either.

Another benefit of pilates ab exercises is to strengthen your legs. The traditional way of doing Pilates, where you hold a resistance to each of your legs and “pulley” up through the floor using your feet, causes you to use a large amount of your legs. This results in your legs working twice as hard as your arms – which are working just your arms, plus your hands behind your head and back. Your abs will definitely feel the effects. While this may not seem like much, your legs will be working at a higher intensity level when you are doing pilates than when you are just sitting at the edge of the couch.

Other benefits of pilates ab exercises include toning and firming up your waist. Your waist will be sore after doing these exercises, but it will also be firmer. Since your waist is strengthening, your posture will be much better as well. When your posture becomes more balanced, your back will also become more centered. All of these benefits are long-term because they keep your abs in great shape when you are finished with your workout.

Another benefit of these pilates ab exercises is that it strengthens your core muscles. Your core is made up of your abdominals, your obliques, and your pelvic muscles. These three muscles are very important because they help support your spine and help to protect it. Strengthening these three muscles will help you get a slimmer tummy.

One of the most effective pilates ab exercises that you can do is the single leg stretch. This exercise works out both your outer and inner abdominal muscles. It also tones them up giving you a nice flat and firm looking belly while still keeping your core muscles toned.

There are so many pilates exercises that you can do to get great abs. The trick is choosing the pilates ab exercises that are the best for you. Some people have great abs and some don’t. So, if you want great abs, then find the pilates exercise that will give you those abs.

End Note

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Now that you know the benefits of this workout method, why not make it part of your daily routine? You can do the pilates exercise program at your home any time. No need to go anywhere else. You can do it in the middle of a traffic jam or standing in line at the grocery store. Your abs will be waiting for you when you do the duo pilates method!

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