Pilates Exercises For Bigger Butt You Can Try At Home

pilates excersices for bigger butt

Do you know that in Pilates, there are several butt exercises that will help you toned, lift and sculpt your backside? Pilates work in a combined manner to do a lot for your body, including improving your posture and building a strong core. Almost every pilate exercise help in effectively more than just one part of the body. You can easily work on the rest of your core strength, back of your legs and abdominal muscle, etc. one thing about the pilate exercises for the bigger butt is that you can perform every other exercise at home. You do not need any sort of equipment or reformer; all you need is you and your matt.

Some Pilates Exercises For Bigger Butt

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Some exercises are listed below, and it is not so important to do all the exercises in a row. Instead, the below-given pilates exercises for bigger butt are the options that you can include in your daily balanced routine.

Pelvic Curl

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Being one of the classic warmup exercise patterns in Pilates, these exercises help you stretch abdominal and spine muscles while keeping your glutes and hamstrings busy in the same.

To Perform This Exercise:

Keep your knees bent and lie on your back on the mat by keeping your flat feet on the floor.

Followed by exhaling, perform a pelvic tilt by using your abdominal muscles so as to pull your navel down, especially towards your spine.

Followed by inhaling, press your heels down through to curl the tailbone of your body yup. Raise the hips, then the lower spine, and at the end, the middle spine.

Come upwards up to the shoulder bases by making a straight line from shoulders to hips.

Hold yourself in this particular position for the next full five breaths digging your heels into the mat. Inhale at the end for one last time.

Now, with exhaling, make use of your abdominal control power in order to roll your spine back to the floor area. Start with your upper back and work again.

Repeat the same steps 3 to 5 times.

Heel Beats

Being one of the ultimate pilates exercises for bigger buts, this exercise helps you target glutes. This exercise is designed to strengthen all of your back muscles along with your hamstrings and the toning of your inner thighs. To perform this exercise:

Lie on the floor with your stomach by keeping your forehead on both of your hands. Keep your legs together and straight underneath you.

Try to lift your abdominal muscles away from the floor. Feel that you are strengthening your spine.

Take your legs slightly out slightly up to the hip. Draw your inner thighs together, and keep your heels tight as much as you can.

Make sure that you keep your abs lifted in the air away from the mat. Lengthen your legs as straight as you can.

Try beating your heels together and apart.

Do around 20-25 beats in one set. Repeat the same steps again.


Above listed are only two pilates exercises for bigger butts that can help you at least kickstart your pilates workout routine. Give a try to the exercises and share in the comments below what changes you see in your body.

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