Pilates Men’s Clothing Guide

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It can be daunting going to your first Pilates class and knowing what to wear is even worse! So what should you wear to your Pilates class, does it need to be expensive Fitness clothing? Here is a complete guide to Pilates men’s clothing.

What to Wear?

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Fitness clothing can be expensive or cheap!  So what to buy? In my opinion the more expensive clothing is a better fit, gives more support and doesn’t tend to go baggy or slip when exercising!  If it’s your first class I wouldn’t spend a lot on clothing to begin with until you know you are going to love it.

Men’s Pilates Clothing

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Yes men do Pilates too!!  There isn’t a lot of pilates clothing around for men at present.


  • The same applies as women’s trousers above, not too baggy, slim fitting so the teacher can see body alignment


  • yes its fine to wear shorts to pilates, but have pity on your teacher!
  • You spend time on your back with legs in the air, so wear tight fitting shorts with baggy over the top or longer length shorts!

Overall it’s about wearing layers, so you can strip off as you get warm.  Much like their female counterparts, men also need form-fitting clothing when practicing Pilates. Men’s Pilates clothing is as versatile as it is fashionable. Avoid baggy items of clothing at all costs here. Compression leggings or yoga pants should do the trick when it comes to the lower half of the body. On top, men should put their comfort first. A slim-fit t-shirt may do the job while some men find that layering up–with a cosy hoodie–works well.

Which Pilates Mat is the Best?

If you’re looking to get your first Pilates mat, you should ensure that you make the right decision. There are many different mats on the market but, the truth is, that some are superior to the rest. Here are three of the best mats that you can get. 

  • Manduka Pro Mats

With a thickness of 4.7mm and supportive PVC material, the Manduka Pro Mats offer both durability and comfort. The more you use this mat, the more it will mould to fit the natural shape of your body. For that reason, you may find that the mat becomes more and more suited to your form over time. The mat also has a remarkable closed-cell surface, which means that it does not absorb any moisture during your workout. 

  • B Yoga B MAT Strong

If you’re looking for a slightly thicker mat, the B Yoga B MAT Strong product may be the one for you. The lightweight mat is actually made from 100% eco-friendly rubber and provides all of the grip you could possibly need for your session. Plus, that extra layer of luxurious cushioning means that you will be super comfortable as you move.

  • Yogibare Paws Mat

Finally, Yogibare is the eco-sensitive yoga mat brand of your dreams. The Paws Mat offers a high level of grip and support with 4mm of thickness. The design of this fashion-forward mat means that you will certainly turn heads when you walk into your next Pilates session. The more you use the mat as part of your practice, the stronger it will ultimately get. 

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