Pilates Workouts: Everything You Need To Know

Pilates Workouts: Everything You Need To Know

Those who have never tried it would think that Pilates workouts are a strange form of exercise. The true believers in the art will tell you that Pilates is very much like a hybrid of yoga and physical training. Also, Pilates teaches core strength in addition to toning the body.

Control During Pilates Workouts Is Essential

The most crucial factor of Pilates is control. All other aspects of the Pilates workouts are just guidelines. The entire routine can be implemented within thirty minutes to an hour. For those who are not used to the breathing technique, it can take some time before they get used to the constant repetition and control exercised while performing the movements.

Pilates Workouts: Everything You Need To Know
Pilates Workouts: Everything You Need To Know

It is impossible to perform a full range of Pilates exercises without an instructor. The instructor will also make sure that you are correctly doing the exercises. As mentioned, each movement is accompanied by specific breathing exercises to prevent injury. Remember, no matter how painful the exercise may seem, it is crucial to maintain control throughout.

General Techniques Involved In Pilates Workouts

The very first session of Pilates will teach you the general techniques involved in Pilates. Then, you will need to practice these basic movements with a partner to perfect them. Practice alone or with a friend, but make sure you adjust the poses so that you are not moving your legs and are holding your body in a relaxed position.

Pilates Workouts: Everything You Need To Know
Pilates Workouts: Everything You Need To Know

First Session Of Pilates Workouts

In the first session, the body pose for Pilates will involve your arms and hands extended at your sides. You can make use of a wall to provide support for your upper body as you move your arms and hands up and down. One of the most common poses taught to new students is an exercise called the inside/outside.

In this exercise, you begin by holding both of your palms facing each other. Now, you place your hands on the floor in front of you and turn them over in a clockwise direction. After doing this pose for a few times, you will feel your core muscles strengthening.

Outside/Inside Exercise

After that exercise, you will learn the outside/inside exercise. For this one, you place your hands on your knees. You will then make use of a ball and throw it toward your stomach, then slowly bring it back to your hands.


The next movement taught in Pilates will be called the step-up. This is a good example of balance. When done correctly, you will be able to balance on one foot while shifting weight to the other leg.

For the next exercise, you will perform the body pose for Pilates for the inside/outside, but instead of using your arms, you will use your legs. By doing this exercise, you will get a better workout and better control for your core muscles.

For the next exercise, you will create a wall by holding your hands together. Hold it up and tilt your head down while using your legs to push it toward the ground. A great hand position that allows you to control your breathing is the forward tilt and pivot.

Sit Up Exercise

Finally, you will learn the sit-up exercise that allows you to do small steps to tone your abdominals. This is a variation of the regular sit-up that enables you to control your breath better.

Final Words

While practicing Pilates does not require a trainer or certification, those who desire to excel at the art should not hesitate to enroll in Pilates classes that offer healthy wear. Most Pilates studios will teach the various movements of Pilates. After getting the proper guidance and instruction, you can be on your way to achieving the desired results.

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