Reasons Why Pilates Is Not A Workout For Women Only

Reasons Why Pilates Is Not A Workout For Women Only

For a long-time Pilates is thought to be a workout for women only. It is still misconducting as a workout discipline designed only for women. However, it is not the case. Pilates is for everyone, from small kids to older people, anybody can do Pilates provided they are not directed otherwise by their doctor.

The misconception has traveled a long way, marketing made the situations worse. It was projected as a feminine kind of workout since pilates result in long and stronger muscles while power workout makes the muscles bulkier. 

Dancers and gymnasts are using pilates machines to tone up their muscles. This is generally seen as female-like. Men are hitting the gym to bulk themselves, to get heavier muscles. Bodybuilders are not much agile and flexible. Pilates is completely the opposite of power workout. This can be considered a probable reason why many men were not much interested in Pilates.

Reasons Why Pilates Is Not A Workout For Women Only
Reasons Why Pilates Is Not A Workout For Women Only

Improves body posture Workout For Women

While much emphasis is laid on flexibility in pilates, it is very crucial in correcting body postures and postural defects. Men and women both can have poor body postures. If you are having bad postures then you are most closely related to hectic lifestyle and lack of exercise. Incorrect sitting or sleeping arrangements, poor diet, and stress also add fuel to the injury.

If you are having Postural defects then it can also cured by Pilates. One who is dealing with bad postures or defective postures can seek help from a pilates instructor. Pilates who are having aligned body movements, stretching, bending, pulling or pushing, by performing pilates exercises will improve the structure of your body.

Aggrandizes balancing capability

Okay, so you’ve been very busy throughout this month. Irregular sleep, binging on junk food, too much workload and constantly looking at the laptop or phone screen has landed you into feeling completely unhealthy. Your body needs some oiling. Pilates is an easy way of inculcating physical activities in your life without moving heaven and earth. 

Meditation is also a part of Pilates, focusing is the key. Certain Pilates equipment is complex which demands focus. Using these machines practitioner can work on his/her focusing abilities. And trust me; it is not even remotely concerned with your gender. 

Long and strong muscles By Workout For Women

Contrary to popular belief, long and strong muscles are not going to make you look feminine. Agility and flexibility are not concerned with on specific gender. There are male dancers, gymnasts, and athletes who do pilates on a regular basis.

Pilates and power workouts are both is not for one sex only. Just like women are doing power workout and rigorous power training, men can also do pilates.

Longer muscles are less prone to injuries. They can resist more force. Stronger muscles can help you perform day-to-day tasks better. 

Reasons Why Pilates Is Not A Workout For Women Only
Reasons Why Pilates Is Not A Workout For Women Only

Pilates is not for women only. It is true that women opt for pilates more often than men because it is less risky and injury less, men can also do pilates. On global levels, pilates is performed by men as well. Joseph Pilates, founder of this discipline used to perform pilates himself.

In the warlike situations he treated wounded soldiers with pilates itself. This was because pilates is easy and can be performed in injury also. This shatters the myth completely that only women can do pilates. If you want to try pilates, please go ahead.

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