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Is the Balanced Body Allegro II Pilates Reformer the complete system that users truly need? Despite all of the hype of a “beautiful” form of exercise equipment, the balanced body Allegro II Pilates Rebuilder does not seem to be the most appealing piece of equipment to have on your workout mat.

It’s true that there are some great design elements in the use of the maple wood and a strong frame, but this is still an average-looking piece of equipment that simply cannot deliver on the promises that are made of it. I mean, you really want to see the beauty of your muscles when you perform an exercise, right?

You might be thinking to yourself that the only problem with the Balanced Body Allegro II Pilates is that it is a lot more expensive than other similar products. Well, you have a point. Even so, the overall price tag does not make this piece of equipment a bad choice for a good workout.

Overall, I would say that this product is not what you would call a “bad boy”. But, it certainly is one that you need to take a closer look at. The main issue is that this product simply does not live up to the promises of its creators. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with it. The problem is that the claims that are being made about the product are far too good to be true.

Balanced Body Allegro

Balanced Body Allegro Facts
Balanced Body Allegro Facts

The balanced body Allegro II Pilates does not do a very good job of increasing muscle size. In fact, it seems to do pretty much nothing at all to increase the amount of lean muscle mass that you will be able to build. There are a number of people that swear by this product because it is supposed to help tone and firm muscles. In other words, they claim that this piece of equipment can help you build up muscles that you have never seen before.

Small wonder, then, that the people who use this equipment seem to be very small. These people are those people who are not as large as someone like me (although I’m certainly not small). However, if the product is supposed to make you leaner and fitter, why aren’t the people on the other end of the scale in their thirties or fifties using this?

The answer to this question is that most people who buy the Balanced Body Allegra are people who are smaller than the average woman. Most women will be able to use this product without having to give up a whole lot of exercise to achieve the results that the people who purchase the larger size models are supposed to have. So while the people who buy these will find that the weight loss and lean muscle building effects are real, they won’t actually get the results that they expect or are expecting.

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On the other hand, these same people will also find that larger people will be disappointed. In their place, they will quickly discover that these same people will find that they are looking in the mirror every morning to see that they have lost inches off of their waistlines, arms, and abs.

The truth is that while using this piece of equipment will help you lose some fat and improve some of your looks, it will do little for making your body look or feel like the size that you want it to be.

Explore  Balanced Body Allegro
Explore Balanced Body Allegro

So while I would say that the product does not live up to all of the hype, I have to admit that the larger people who buy the Balanced Body Allegro may be able to benefit more from using this piece of equipment.

I also believe that they will find that the small people who buy the Allegro will find that they are more successful using other methods to achieve their weight loss goals.

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