Sup Yoga Is A Truly Unique Workout

sup yoga

Sup yoga is a truly unique workout that can be done just about anywhere. Whether you are sup yoga-ing behind your desk or during your lunch break, it’s easy to do and will make you feel fantastic. It’s the perfect opportunity for those of us who don’t have time (or the money) to join a yoga studio.

What Sup Yoga Is:


Sup Yoga is not your traditional workout and it’s perfect for those with an active lifestyle, as well as those who are looking to try something new! Sup Yoga incorporates both strength and flexibility into one workout, which makes it very different from most other workouts. It’s very dynamic and often involves being on the water, which adds to its uniqueness. Sup yoga can also be done in different ways, from sup plank pose where you hold a sup push up position for as long as possible, to sup mermaid where you hold a sup bow pose with your legs straight out in front of you for three minutes.

Sup yoga is different each time you do it, which means that sup yoga can be fun!

How sup yoga will benefit you: Sup yoga takes the best parts of other workouts and combines them into one great workout. It’s like taking your favourite activities (such as paddling, swimming, surfing, skiing or snowboarding) and putting them together into one workout that can be done anytime, anywhere. Sup yoga is great for both stress management and reducing anxiety since it requires a tranquil state of mind in order to hold sup poses. It has been proven that sup yoga can increase your strength, flexibility and endurance while being engaging, full-body workouts.

What Sup Yoga Does For You:

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Sup yoga is good for your body and mind. It increases strength, endurance and flexibility while reducing stress levels. Sup yoga also has many physical benefits like increased core stabilisation–which means less lower back pain (this is especially true if you sup plank or sup bow pose)–and it can help reduce blood pressure which helps prevent heart disease. Sup yoga is a great workout for those who are already active because it can be a fun addition to your routine.Sup yoga requires a tranquil state of mind in order to hold sup poses.

Steps For Doing Sup Yoga:

There are many different sup yoga workouts you can do from sup half moon, sup plank and sup bow pose to sup mermaid and sup plank lift. Find sup yoga videos online or create your own workout by adding sup yoga into your favourite exercises. The only equipment you’ll need are a paddleboard, a board, two ski’s, snowboard or other device to use as an anchor attached to the sup yoga mat. If you don’t have these sup yoga supplies you could do sup yoga at the beach, in your living room or even at a mall. sup yoga requires focus and mental strength, but it’s very rewarding when you get sup into pose!

Final Verdict

The sup yoga mat will protect your back when doing sup poses. You can use an inflatable board or just a sheet to sup yoga on. sup yoga requires a sup yoga mat to protect your back and keep you from slipping.

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