Used Pilate Machines – A Buyer’s Guide

used pilates machines

Pilates machines are among the most popular fitness equipment used today. They are used by people from different walks of life including senior citizens, students, athletes, dancers and coaches. Most manufacturers, dealers and private individuals sell their used or new pilate machines online platform. Purchasing pilate equipment used is often a good option to purchase used fitness equipment as most of the time the condition is good. You could directly contact the dealer or seller of your choice to purchase the machine you would like to purchase by utilizing the provided contact details or even the contact form on the website.

Pilate Reformer

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One of the most popular types of used Pilates machines is the reformer or the Pilate reformer. It is basically a reformer that has a mat that is padded at one end. People use it for a variety of exercises, some of which include lunges, and strengthening and tone and abdominal training. The reformer can range in size depending on the amount of space available inside and some of them can be quite large, resembling a roomy gym with multiple rows and a wide space for people to move around. The reformer that can be found online may have been used in your local gym already but if not, then you could also check out different second hand stores, second hand shops, consignment shops, online boutiques and flea markets where pilate fitness equipment is sold by the owners themselves.

Pilates Ball

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The pilates ball, which is the other most common form of used Pilates machines, has become a staple exercise tool for people who practice yoga as well as those who want to strengthen their core muscles. It involves a heavy ball that is made to roll across the body and its purpose is to help the person maintain balance as well as increase flexibility. A popular variation of the pilate ball is the Swiss ball, which is made to roll differently. There are different versions that involve using just the balls while others incorporate other workouts such as push ups, abdominal crunches and stretches into the routines.

The ladder barrel is another type of Pilates apparatus that is used for exercises such as the plank. This equipment is composed of a long tube that runs from top to bottom; a handle is mounted on the opposite end of this is used by the user to either climb or descend the ladder. People can choose to do these exercises while lying down or standing up and the most important benefit of using this pilate fitness machine is the strengthening of core muscles due to the constant pushing and pulling motion that is applied to the body.

Basic Form Of Pilates Equipment

The reformer is probably the most basic form of Pilates equipment that you can find. It is used for back, abdominal and leg workouts. The user puts his hands into the handles of the reformer and applies slight pressure across the midsection area of his body. This is also the most used of all the pilate equipment as it helps strengthen core muscles and is considered the ideal piece of equipment if you want to start improving your overall health.

These two pilate fitness apparatus can be used in most any pilate studio if you have the space and budget for them. When deciding on the pieces of pilate equipment that you will be using at your studio, you may want to consider buying used Pilates machines. You should know that although this equipment has been used several times, they are still in very good condition. Used Pilates reformer and used Pilates aero Pilates are great pieces of equipment for your home workout gym. If you’re someone who wants to lose weight, build muscle or just get stronger, then consider investing in one of these fitness machines.


If you decide to look online for a used Stott Pilates machine, you should keep in mind that this will cost you more as compared to buying it from a store. You will need to spend more money on batteries and other fittings. Online stores will not offer these accessories along with their machines. If you are looking for a used Kettler Pilates exercise bike, you can expect to pay around $400 for a unit that functions properly. Do your research well before you make the purchase so that you don’t end up spending too much.

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