Various Types Of Pilates Equipment

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You may not know, but you cannot say pilates equipment like a machine. Therefore, people call pilates equipment as apparatus. The person who invented pilates is Joseph pilates. Joseph pilates with kryznaowska claimed that pilates equipment could be called apparatus or only equipment. If you do not know, pilates is a type of exercise performed on a mat, in which you have to perform the repetitive exercise. Pilates helps in improving muscle strength, stability and flexibility as well. However, people have made a perception it is made only for dancers, which is wrong. Every human being can perform this exercise as it improves your body posture and balance. Pilates is similar to yoga as you have to use glutes, hips, and lower back in this type of exercise, just like yoga. Therefore if you want to know about Various types of pilates equipment, which you can use at home to get fit, check out our guide to know more about it. 

Categorization Of Pilates Equipment

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Pilates equipment is divided into two different categories, which are small and large. Pilates equipment is differentiated according to its size. The small portable equipment which very earlier introduced is magic circles and weights by joseph pilates. Along the time, resistance bands were also introduced as pilates equipment. You can find the small pilates equipment at every gym, as they are easy to carry and cheap to buy. Therefore, these are the best pilates equipment you can buy for a home workout. The second type is large equipment which includes a pilates chair, Cadillac, barrel tower, and reformer. This equipment cannot be set up at home as they need huge space to install. 

How To Use Pilates Equipment

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If you are taking Pilates classes in the gym, you may get guidance from your trainer, but you can help yourself out by following points if you are performing at home. First of all, pilates mats are thicker than regular yoga mats. Secondly, the pilates bands come in different strengths, so you can choose according to your strength and need. The third is weights; adding weights is your choice, be comfortable with how much you can lift. 

Using Pilates Reformer And Chair

The pilates reformer and chair are classified under large equipment, covering more area, and cannot be installed at home. Pilates reformer was one of the best and oldest apparatus invented by Joseph pilates. However, the first time this reformer was made from hospital beds and machinery springs. Another large piece of equipment is the pilates chair, also famous by its name Wunda chair. Even the pilates chair is also the oldest pilates apparatus. This chair helps to improve your balance and muscle strength. 


At last, it does not matter what type of pilates equipment you use; what matters is the result. However, the history of the pilates equipment is very interesting and true. Therefore, make sure you perform these exercises regularly to get the best results. Hence, do pilates every day and train your body to stay fit and happy.

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