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Why Is Pilates Important To Maintain Permanent Fitness

Why Is Pilates Important To Maintain Permanent Fitness

Origin Of Pilates

Joseph Pilates is a German-American physical trainer. The world remembers him for the invention of the practice of Pilates. He had a tremendous influence of both his father, who was a gymnast, and mother, who was a naturopath. During his time as a physical trainer, Joseph encountered a lot of trainees and they all sought help to reduce weight and regain fitness through any means possible. He noticed that they lacked the basic knowledge of coordination between mind and body which is essential for any exercise related to bodily fitness. So, he invented this art which is practiced in a wide variety of forms.

Why Is Pilates Important To Maintain Permanent Fitness
Why Is Pilates Important To Maintain Permanent Fitness

How Pilates Became Famous

It all started when Joseph wrote a book called “Return to Life through Contrology”. In the book, he says that to regain stability, one has to ensure that they are doing simple stretches in a controlled motion. This is the backbone of all the pilates that we know today. Joseph spent four years in a world war one camp to come with a series of exercise which he goes on to mention in his book for the practice of the same. He tried it on the inmates and interns who showed tremendous interest in improving the mental and physical health. Although there are nine widely accepted principles of pilates, six are hugely practiced across the world. Because it doesn’t involve rigorous training sessions but slow and controlled movements that are vital to ensure core stability to the human body.

The book “The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning” has a lot to offer to the world of pilates. It was published in the year 1980. The book outlines six essential principles that are very important to the base and structure of human beings. But, it would be wise to keep in mind all the nine principles which are in one way or another dependent on each other. Let us now look at those principles that govern the importance of pilates in improving physical and mental health.


It is very important to focus on the stretches you do. Do the exercises in the right state of mind for extra benefit.


Sometimes, too much focus on breathing can harm the reps and sets. So, keep breathing in check from time to time.


Control is essential in the practice of pilates. Even the name preferred by Joseph is Contrology because it defines the whole process of pilates as we know it today.

Why Is Pilates Important To Maintain Permanent Fitness
Why Is Pilates Important To maintain Permanent Fitness


Pilate is important as it deals with powering the core of the body. A strong core is important in ensuring a stable mental and physical health.

The above four are very important for the process of pilate. But, one must also be aware of all the other principles. Some of which are relaxation, stamina, precision, flow and postural alignment which are all self-explanatory.

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