Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

Yoga paves way for spiritual development, health, happiness and vitality. Yoga means union with the supreme soul. It is an effective science for the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit which can transform our life to a meaningful , peaceful and happy one. Yoga sutras of yoga is a collection of ancient yoga techniques which provide effective tools to attain yoga.

Yoga Sutras are the key principles on which the yoga system is based upon. It was composed by sage Patanjali who gathered all yoga knowledge in it in the form of aphorisms called as yoga sutras. Yoga sutras are the fundamental yoga code of conduct for yoga aspirants. Yoga sutras help to understand yoga, its practice and attaining inner peace, happiness and balance in life.

The yoga sutras state that yoga is a methodical process to attain complete control over mind and senses . Patanjali yoga sutras are yoga’s most important texts. Yoga was first described in the Upanishads(the earliest philosophical texts of Hindus) but yoga techniques were written by Patanjali in 196 yoga sutras.

The Essence Of Yoga Sutras Are –

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2)Yoga practice involves mind control due to yoga sutras’s oneness of existence between self-awareness and external objects awareness.

3)Yoga technique relates a person to his/her true self through yoga’s methods of concentration and contemplation.

4)Yoga techniques are yoga exercises, yoga postures , yoga breath control, yoga meditation . yoga postures help to achieve flexibility , strength and balance in the body. Yoga breathing control helps to achieve physical stability , mental focus and calmness. Yoga meditation helps to attain a higher level of consciousness . Yoga practice is a yoga lifestyle which includes a yoga diet and yoga clothing.

5)Yoga is a way to detach from the sensory experience in order to transcend all limitations of body and mind. Yoga aspirants must follow yoga discipline prescribed by Patanjali yoga sutras in everyday life including yoga, food habits, yoga sleeping habits and yoga clothing. A yoga lifestyle is essential for yoga practice to reap its benefits.

Yoga sutras are the yoga bible which contains yoga philosophy , yoga techniques, yoga exercises and yoga disciplines that need to be followed by yoga aspirants . Patanjali Yoga Sutras were written around 150 BC but it’s influence can be seen even today in many yoga centres, yoga sutras of yoga , yoga practises and yoga techniques.

Final Verdict

To know more about yoga lifestyle, you can visit this website . You also can read on yoga asanas and yoga poses and on yoga exercises and on yoga breathing control and many other topics on yoga practice.

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